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COVID19 Information Hub

To all our visiting clients and friends, 

We have always put the health and safety of our patients and our therapists at centre of everything we do. Following on the government advice, home visit physiotherapy appointments are available and are subject of strict compliance with all government and Public Health England advice.

Media City Physio and Training Centre Limited continues to provide home visit appointments for patients who are well and do not fall into the ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’ category.

We have created a full risk assessment and implemented our COVID19 policy to ensure that our home visit appointments are safe.  We closely monitor the current situation and regularly review and update our processes. 

Our COVID19 measures include:

  • All new and existing patients undergo a COVID19 Health Screening before any appointments are made.
  • Media City Physio and Training Centre Limited therapists check their temperature daily and if they or a member of their household develop any flu-like symptoms will self-isolate for a minimum of 14 days.
  • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is used during appointments following the Public Health England Guidance.
  • Media City Physio and Training Centre Limited therapists only use company vehicles to complete patient journeys as well as their commute to work. They are also asked to avoid public transport where possible in their personal time as well.
  • Media City Physio and Training Centre Limited therapists will maintain the 2m social distancing, whenever it is practical.
  • Infection Prevention and Control training is provided for all therapists.
  • Media City Physio and Training Centre Limited therapists are instructed to disinfect all equipment used after each appointment. 
  • Maintain hand hygiene and respiratory and cough hygiene throughout the day.
  • We will never attend to a home visit, if patient or any member of the household has symptoms and/or are self-isolating
  • When home visit is not appropriate, we offer a video consultation.

Opening Hours:

At Media City Physio we welcome the opportunity to treat you, regardless of your illness, which could be a result of a sport injury, accident at work, or anything else.