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Occupational Health

A Proactive Approach to Corporate Health.
At MediaCityPhysio, a substantial proportion of our patients come from professional organisations, meaning we are exclusively placed to recognise the demands placed on our patients due to the nature of their work. Aches and pains can develop over time with tasks such as prolonged sitting at a workstation, prolonged periods spent on your feet, traveling, meetings, running hectic schedules or the physical strains of manual labour task Specific work environments where employees are at most risk.

These can include:

The types of pain you may experience could be:

At MediaCityPhysio we take a proactive approach to the management of ‘corporate pain’ and believe in simple yet effective strategies for self-management. Our goal is to help take your pain away and educate you to reduce the risk of the pain returning.

Opening Hours:

At Media City Physio we welcome the opportunity to treat you, regardless of your illness, which could be a result of a sport injury, accident at work, or anything else.